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Law enforcement | Military

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The Krav Maga Force Training Division is dedicated to providing defensive tactics training for law enforcement, security and military personnel. 

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ImageKrav Maga Worldwide Enterprises is dedicated to improving defensive tactics training for law enforcement and military personnel. As the official defensive tactics system of the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli National and Military police and, Israeli special operations and security unit, Krav MagaTM has been tested in every law enforcement and military environment from front lines to backstreets.

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Law enforcement

Since Krav Maga was introduced to law enforcement in the early 1980's, it has been enthusiastically adopted on an official basis by numerous federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, as well as select military units in the U.S. and abroad. Each year the Krav Maga Global Force Training Division conducts instructor certification courses and seminars for agencies and military units nationwide.

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