Corporate safety

Workplace Violence and Prevention and Training

According to a recent U.S. Department of Justice report, more than 2 million Americans become victims of a violent crime each year while they are on the job. Yet, employees aren’t the only ones affected.  According to the Workplace Violence Institute, companies lose $36 billion annually to workplace violence.  We provide self defense training and prevention programs to protect you and your employees. We work closely with you to develop a customized program to deal with workplace violence incidents posed by unauthorized personnel or disgruntled employees and the disruption to your business. 

Who are the victims?

They are not just police officers, convenience store clerks and taxi drivers. Teachers account for about 149,000 of all workplace victims each year; those in medical occupations, another 160,000. Between 1993 and 1995-96, more executives and managers were killed in the workplace than law enforcement officers. In the process, the lives of bystanders and co-workers are changed forever.

What is the cause?

Personality conflicts, family and marital problems, drug or alcohol abuse, stress, firings and layoffs are the main culprits according to a Society for Human Resource Management study.

Work Place Violence

  • For each year between 1993 and 1999, an average of 2 million people were victims of violent crime while working or on duty.
  • Nearly 80% of workplace homicides are committed by criminals otherwise unconnected to the workplace.
  • Women are victims of 80% of rapes or sexual assaults in the workplace.
  • Homicide accounts for 40% of all workplace deaths among female workers.
  • Female workers are also at risk for nonfatal violence. Women were the victims in nearly two-thirds of the injuries resulting from workplace assaults. Most of these assaults (70%) were directed at women employed in service organizations, such as health care, while an additional 20% of these incidents occurred in retail locations, such as restaurants and grocery stores.