Third party protection

Adversaries, such as street criminals, kidnappers, and terrorists, hold nearly all the cards: they choose the time, place and method of attack. Sex offenders and violent criminals target average families every day. For the first time in the history of the US, one in every 32 adults in this country is either in prison, jail, on parole or probation. It is not a question of IF you or your family will come in contact with a violent criminal, but rather WHEN. 98% of all crime is premeditated. Prepare your family to recognize the threat before it happens so you avoid becoming the next victimized family on the front page of the newspaper

Our third party protection courses cover a wide array of protection scenarios. Included are in-depth courses in both armed and unarmed defensive tactics, weapon response and take-over procedures. Residence, vehicle, travel and office threat assessments and scenarios, with relevance to hostage situations and kidnapping, and recognition of behavioral traits of potential adversaries are covered. Your ability to evaluate risks and threats, and develop counter measures and preventative strategies, including appropriate judgment in the use of force, verbal skills and tactical techniques, is a point of particular focus in our courses. Students will experience realistic threat scenarios to deal with and improvise solutions.